One of the key needs that expatriates like you have identified is regular connection with a mentor to help them process the challenges of faith + work in a host culture.

The how is here. 

Missional Impact offers you a network of mentors — seasoned professionals who have excelled in their own personal journeys of bringing their faith into the workplace. They can help you:

  • learn how to be open about your faith in an appropriate, professional way
  • navigate ethical dilemmas you face at work as a believer in Jesus
  • view work as worship in a natural, integrated way

Are you an international church pastor? We have a mentor for you, too, who understands the best and the worst of serving in your unique role.

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Alan Martin

business transformation & risk management consultant


international business professional and coach

Bruce Hanson

professor of entrepreneurship and education leadership

Chuck Rapp

sales, technology, and leadership


international health and development

Fawn Brents

executive business owner

Jim Beerley

ministry president, former international church pastor

Mary Beth Moehring

leadership and strategic planning for entrepreneurs


international entrepreneur

Ralph Odman

global VP, international operations 

Ray Brown

multinational employee development

Ron Saccomano

global SVP, international executive


mentoring missional women

Vicki Crane

healthcare administration, leadership excellence