Joy in Hanoi

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Living on Purpose workshops and vision-casting inspire international church members to live fully integrated lives.

Jacob Bloemberg | an international church pastor

On November 9-10, 2018, Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) hosted the first Living on Purpose conference in partnership with Missional Impact and Missional International Church Network (MICN). Before taking on the lead role at HIF in 2005, Pastor Jacob studied, researched, and promoted marketplace ministry, business as mission, and the theology of work. The Missional Impact team is the first organization he has met that focuses on equipping international church members to live out their faith with joy in the workplace. This conference was a milestone event for all three partner organizations involved and a great benefit to those who attended.

The conference was split into three segments. Friday daytime served a small group of ministry and workplace leaders. The conversation was more intimate and relevant to those participating. Friday evening launched the conference for all church members. Jim and Ray of Missional Impact introduced the theme and concepts. Ryan, an English teacher in central Thailand, shared how transformational his experience has been in just a short time, inspiring him to be the best professional teacher he can be while loving the students, parents, staff, and directors with Jesus’ love. A panel of practitioners from HIF shared their experiences while working in Hanoi. These included a school counselor, a café owner, an embassy liaison, and an English teacher.
Saturday saw around 60 participants attend the workshops throughout the day. Missional Impact presenters cast the vision for the Living on Purpose devotional, which was launched during the event. This will help participants learn and walk out the ideas taught during the conference, rather than it being just a one-time event. The sessions were highly interactive, with opportunities for questions and testimonies throughout the day. In the afternoon, the group split in two, with one segment discussing mentoring workplace Christians through Missional Impact’s internet platform while the other segment created even smaller groups to share real life experiences.
At the end, all participants united for a final roundup and vision casting. The Missional Impact team shared the resources they are currently working on, including seven devotionals, an international mentoring network, and the online platform, which are all soon to be released. Attendees were tuned into what the Missional Impact team had to share over the two-day event, many having their mindset changed about how they view their work. One expatriate participant working a far distance from the city said the experience was transformational for him. This conference was the first of, hopefully, many more to come in partnership with the Missional Impact team.
If you are interested in hosting a similar event at your international church or need more information, contact Missional Impact.

Excerpted with permission from MICN’s November 2018 Incendium.


Jacob BloembergJacob Bloemberg has served on the MICN leadership team since 2005 and coordinates the conference and communications. He is lead pastor at the Hanoi International Fellowship ( in the capital city of Vietnam. He and his wife, Linda, have served in Hanoi since 1997, where they have raised three children. As a Dutch citizen with an American wife, they have learned to thrive in a third culture and aim to help others thrive as well. Jacob is ordained and sent by Elim Fellowship in Lima, N.Y. With a MA in organizational leadership from Regent University, Jacob is on his journey to finish his doctorate in transformational leadership with a focus on city transformation through Bakke Graduate University. Jacob implements this missional vision with HIF through the Love Hanoi campaign (


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