Sydney Baker

by Sydney Baker


"I don't take the Gospel to work, it takes me to Work"

Wow. What an incredible, simple, impact-full statement. In a blog titled, "How to Glorify God at Work," the author talks about the importance of the Gospel in every aspect of one's life, especially at work.

For what seems like forever, society has emblazoned upon us that discussing one's opinion let alone religion is unheard of in the workplace, and is even listed as a topic to never mention amongst co-workers. What if your inner light shined so bright people couldn't help but ask, "why would you want to do extra work?" The hope of the gospel should be so prevalent in your life that much like juice being squeezed out of an apple or orange, apple juice or orange juice remains. While being a Jesus follower, and pressure is being applied to you, Jesus should be what remains and this should come as no surprise to those applying pressure in your life. 

This blog covers so many important work topics such as relationship building, money, thankfulness, integrity, and more!

While reading this blog excerpt, what stuck out to you most and what do you need to bring to work with you for the future? 



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