...we'd much rather listen to you. Who are you? What's your story? What kind of answers or support are you looking for? Which one of the groups below best fits you?

  • an individual living in a host (foreign) culture
  • a leader in or member of an international church
  • a Christian expat in the workforce of a host culture
  • a foreign student
  • a mature believer thinking about an international move

So please. Tell us about you. After all, serving you is why we're here.


Missional Impact is a collaborative engine that equips international churches and marketplace professionals to integrate their faith with all of life in cross-cultural settings.


  • The challenge:  We live in a rapidly changing world where the least-reached live in regions closed to traditional missions approaches — and the business model for these approaches is in severe decline.
  • The opportunity:  The Lord has already moved hundreds of thousands of His children to least-reached regions through the expanding global economy. As university students, as laborers, as engineering, education and medical professionals or as employees of governments or multi-national companies.
  • The need: These believers first need the vision to see their role in God’s global purposes, and then equipping to live out their primary call as cross-cultural disciple-makers in their work, at their school, and in their neighborhoods.


Missional Impact resources international churches to equip their members via:

  • An online platform providing access to:
    • a like-minded global community of believers
    • relevant and contextualized materials and resources
    • online and on-demand training and equipping for cross-cultural discipleship
  • Strategizing, training, equipping, and mentoring for the pastors and leaders of international churches
  • Access to a global mentor network for expat professionals